i have a question?

guys, could someone tell me;; is it for real that calling Asian people “oriental” is insulting? cus i dont know but i saw that being implied today

secondly, do actual asian people find this insulting? cus you know sometimes tumblr can be over-sensitive while trying to look socially aware and it might not be like tumblr says at all. personally i dont think id be insulted??? in fact if i didnt know about this i might have easily referred to myself as oriental plenty of times.

doesnt oriental just mean asian? why would it be insulting

or wait is this an american english thing cus i experience confusion from that a lot

  1. hawtyaoiz said: In my language oriental means eastern. Orient= East; whatever that means in English, some people should ask themselves why. So. Serious.
  2. crankyasshuladancer said: it’s an american english thing, using “asian” instead, and “oriental” is still in use on the outdoor signs of groceries in the South.
  3. candymushroom said: So you’re basically calling an Asian person a thing.
  4. ketolic said: haha I guess it has negative connotations because in the past ‘oriental’ was used to exotify asians & asian culture? Personally it doesn’t offend me but it does make me raise my eyebrows like whoa dude are you still living in the 1900s
  5. clingbeast said: I’ve never heard of anyone being insulted like that, I live in America…… It would be WEIRD to call an Asian that I think, but not insulting. Sort of like an Aussie calling an American a Yank.
  6. suunes said: It’s an American English thing. Like, it’s considered racist to call Asians that over here.
  7. kersenwiek said: I looked it up, and from what I gathered it seems to be only an American English thing. The term is considered as derogative, though I wouldn’t be insulted if someone called me that. It’s like calling Europeans westerners.
  8. sheepskin said: its very subjective but i wouldn’t put it on the same level as the “n-word”. also i am asian and don’t find it insulting at all.
  9. eyecandybutts said: for me, i dont think its offensive :u
  10. yuichis said: I’d try to help but everything I say is ‘politically incorrect’ so I could easily be wrong.
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